Partnering for systems change

At the core of our work lies the ignition of personal and collective agency, driving social transformation through a dynamic and multi-method systems change approach that unites people and organisations in a journey of positive impact.

About Us

Our Story

Picture a world where governments change direction erratically as a compass gone wild, where technology ignites like bursts of fireworks, economies reshape as malleable as play-dough, and business concepts appear and vanish quicker than the blink of an eye.

Yet, within this complexity, a visionary thinker armed with over two decades of experience in civil society in Africa nurtured a grand concept. In his journey, Arsene Ngombe recognized the limitations of interventions targeted at events on the surface, which he describes as symptoms of the real problems.

Navigating Change Together

Discover our vision for a transformed Africa, our mission of inclusive innovation, the values that guide us, and our approach to creating lasting impact through collaborative transformation.

Our Vision

We envision a world where essential systems currently functioning below their potential operate efficiently for everyone’s interest with various actors working together to enable this.

Our Values

Collaborative Innovation: Our culture thrives on collaborative efforts that bring together diverse talents, fostering innovation through the power of collective thinking.
We believe that it is impossible to achieve meaningful collaboration without commitment. Being committed is really important for us to make social change happen. It means providing the steadfast dedication and resilience needed to overcome challenges and create lasting impact.
Adaptive Excellence: We view change as an opportunity for growth, maintaining high standards of excellence while embracing innovation and adapting to evolving challenges.
Ethical Integrity:
Guided by strong ethical values, we ensure transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our endeavours, fostering an environment of trust and respect.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and unite diverse stakeholders in a concerted effort to transform underperforming essential systems into efficient, equitable, and accessible structures that benefit all.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to facilitate systems change practice while enhancing our understanding of complex issues and collaboratively addressing them through co-creation.

A shared journey to tackle society's most urgent challenges.

We support NGOs, social enterprises, governments, businesses, and funders in:

We also develop tools and approaches that enable our clients to manage complex social challenges in the areas of: 


Empowering sustainable farming practices for food security and economic growth.


Fostering innovation and growth in the business landscape for a thriving economy.


Driving initiatives to combat climate change and promote environmental resilience.


Empowering education systems to unlock the potential of future generations.


Advancing renewable energy solutions for a sustainable and cleaner future.


Public Policy

Shaping policies for social progress and equitable governance.

Social and Economic Justice

Championing equality and justice for all members of society.


Strengthening healthcare systems and promoting well-being within communities.

We need collaborative and innovative approaches to tackle the deeply complex and interconnected problems that we encounter

Our volatile and complex times demand fresh strategies and perspectives. Confluences of societal shifts, technological advancements, and economic dynamics are intertwining in unforeseen manners, continuously reshaping our perception of the world. The traditional methods for resolving significant complex challenges no longer apply in a world that is constantly evolving. In reality, they sometimes worsen the very issues they were designed to address. We are actively aspiring to take the lead in foreseeing this shift in values, and we are diligently making the necessary adjustments to position ourselves to capitalise on the opportunities that arise as a result. As a social impact network company, we collaborate with you to co-create and implement innovative impact projects, craft transformative strategies, and deliver capacity-building initiatives that are unique in your context, to address complex challenges.

Bring together actors around a common challenge

Scan and experience what is happening to find opportunities for change

Align visions and purposes to a living system perspective

Test different ways to create impact

Create innovation and learning support structures to translate, bridge and diffuse change

Communicate a coherent story and open up windows to influence wider change

Are you ready to drive social transformation through our multi-method approach? Let’s work together and you can play a key role in activating individual and collective agency for systems change. Whether you represent an NGO, a social enterprise, a government agency, or are an individual deeply committed to making a difference, you’ll find your place in our vibrant community. 

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