Education and Social Innovation
In the new world of work, unemployment is high yet skilled and talented people are in short supply. - Matthew Bishop
Food and Agriculture Systems Innovation
We call for a healthy food system that prioritises sustainable healthy local food production. - Jill Stein
Health Systems Innovation
It's going to take each of us coming together to muster the strength to look in the mirror and ask, 'How can I help create a sustainable healthcare system for the 21st century? - Matthew Heineman
Research and Technology
In a modern and innovative society, where advancements are plentiful and communication is instantaneous, research, science and technology are a part of everyday life. - Julie Payette

Increasing impact across the social sector in Africa.

We live in a world of increasingly wicked problems. Nowhere are they more evident than in the social sector. Our global economies have grown following a linear pattern of use of natural resources consisting basically of taking, making, using and discarding. This has evolved to a new world of complexity where social problems such as climate crises, global health crisis, social inequality, diversity and exclusion among others, have become highly interconnected and interdependent. 

Africa’s biggest challenge is to thrive in this new world of complexity. From climate change, to rapid urbanisation, epidemic/pandemic vulnerabilities to immense infrastructure deficits, and the lawlessness that gives rise to violence.

These issues in Africa have gone at a whole new scale and scope from relatively isolated to highly interconnected and interdependent. 

  • The current models used to respond to these challenges in Africa do not align with the continent’s context and dynamics. As a consequence, we are challenged to evolve new organisational structures and capabilities that are currently significantly absent.
  • RIAHSAH Co. offers this new structure: we operate as a value network that aggregates skills and multidisciplinary solutions in response to these complex problems in Africa.
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