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We provide customised services to support you in embracing complexity as a chance for both growth and transformation. These specialised services are meticulously designed to align with your objectives, requirements, hurdles, and ambitions. Our ultimate goal is to stimulate innovation, enrich strategies, and redefine the cultural fabric of organisations across diverse sectors, including but not limited to extractive industries, healthcare, education, business, social justice, public policy, energy, and beyond.


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What if we could reshape Africa's health landscape by addressing disparities holistically?

There is a persistent disease-focused mindset that hinders the adoption of resilience-focused thinking to effectively tackle complex challenges in the health sector in Africa. This is coupled with the insufficient emphasis on community-led programming and investment in people-centred community health systems for health resilience. The interconnectedness of challenges in healthcare in Africa significantly impacts individuals and communities. Disparities in resources, infrastructure, and geography lead to limited healthcare access, magnifying existing inequities. In addition, inadequate funding compromises response readiness and service quality during crises. It is crucial to develop thorough investment models for the entire health ecosystem if community health systems are to become really resilient.
We specialise in guiding you through the complex landscape of healthcare challenges. Our multi-method approach combines tailored co-design and skill-building initiatives, employing futures and systems thinking methodologies to enhance response readiness.


Can we drive agriculture towards a future defined by sustainability, resilience, and lasting food security?

Modern agriculture grapples with a host of challenges. Sustainability concerns arise from environmental impacts like deforestation and pollution. Balancing resource scarcity against a growing population is testing food production limits. Climate change disrupts predictable yields, while biodiversity loss and technology adoption issues raise vulnerability. Globalised trade market fluctuations affect farmers, and excessive use of pesticides and fertilisers carries huge risks to human and environmental health. Labour shortages, food waste, and policy complexities add pressure, as do changing diets and land ownership conflicts. Collaborative efforts among governments, farmers, researchers, and consumers are essential to steering agriculture towards sustainability, resilience, and food security while addressing these multifaceted complexities. We advise clients across the agricultural value chain on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to investment opportunity identification in food and agriculture, business operations improvement and rural development. Talk to us today to discuss some tailored services to support you in addressing these multifaceted challenges head-on.



Invest in a lasting business model that thrives in a complex world

In today’s fast-changing business landscape, rapid technological advances, shifting markets, and changing consumer preferences combine to form a challenging environment. These complexities go beyond profits, affecting supply chains, stakeholder expectations, and sustainability. Navigating this complexity requires balancing growth, ethics, and innovation for lasting success.
We support you in shaping the future of your business, conquering challenges, fostering innovation, and ensuring enduring success. We specialise in guiding businesses through the landscape of modern complexities, and we delve deeper to anticipate future scenarios and implement innovative strategies. Our expertise lies in untangling the web where these complexities intersect, weaving together profit generation, sustainable practices, supply chains, and diverse stakeholder expectations for the success of your business.
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Disrupt the chain reaction of climate change impacts

The complex nature of climate change becomes clear as it sets off a chain reaction of impacts on energy, transportation, city planning, health, society, and the natural world. Climate change is taking lives and disrupting people’s livelihoods through disasters like floods, fires, heatwaves, hurricanes, and droughts. These impacts result in the creation of a ripple effect through energy sources and distribution, influence how we travel and plan our cities, increase health risks, and shape societal changes. Amidst all this, the environment shoulders the burden of these interconnected challenges, highlighting the crucial requirement for holistic strategies to effectively tackle the multi-dimensional consequences of climate change. Through our tailored co-design initiatives driven by futures and systems thinking methodologies, we guide you to skillfully navigate the multifaceted impacts of climate change. Our approach is designed to unravel the interconnected effects on energy, transportation, urban planning, health, and society, providing strategic insights to shape holistic responses. Partner with us and gain the tools to proactively address climate-related complexities, foster innovation, and create a resilient future that embraces the challenges posed by climate change.
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Bridge the gap between traditional learning and tomorrow’s demands

In this ever-changing world, education faces numerous challenges stemming from the dynamic nature of our society and economy. The complexities of this environment have transformed the way we learn and teach. The traditional education system, designed for stability and uniformity, struggles to keep pace with the rapid shifts in technology, workforce demands, and societal expectations. As a result, there are significant gaps between what the education system offers and what the economy and environment demand. The lack of real-world application and practical skills in many educational curricula fails to equip students with the agility, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability required to thrive in an unpredictable landscape. Additionally, the fast-evolving job market necessitates continuous learning. However, the structures of formal education are not adapting. We facilitate transformative educational responses that bridge these gaps. Our multi-method approach combines tailored co-design and skill-building initiatives. It centres on fostering critical thinking and preparing to better navigate the complexity of the education space.
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Bridge the gap between traditional learning and tomorrow’s demands

In the heart of Africa’s energy landscape, there are complex problems that need creative responses. Scarce access to reliable and affordable energy hampers critical progress across sectors, while infrastructure gaps lead to recurring outages and an unstable energy supply. Energy poverty persists due to steep costs and low electrification rates, perpetuating inequality. Inefficient energy systems breed wastefulness, impacting economies and the environment alike. Traditional energy sources compound environmental pressures, sparking concerns over pollution and emissions. Scarce funding hinders investment, thereby retarding growth and innovation. Complex policy frameworks and a dearth of skills hinder private sector engagement and modernisation. Amidst these considerations, the paramount challenge lies in embracing the shift from carbon-powered electricity to cleaner, low-carbon alternatives, in our pursuit to safeguard the climate.
We are committed to charting a resilient, accessible, and sustainable energy course that illuminates Africa’s energy sector. Partner with us to gain tools for strategic investment, policy reform, renewable energy integration, and innovation, addressing energy complexities head-on and constructing a resilient future.
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Public Policy

Decoding the complexity of public policy for effective and equitable governance

The extractive sector in Africa operates within a highly complex web of systems, where diverse economic, social, and environmental factors intersect. In this context, our multi-method approach provides invaluable tools for comprehending and addressing the complexities inherent in the sector. The approaches we use offer a dynamic framework that enables stakeholders to envision multiple potential scenarios, considering both short-term and long-term implications. Given the interconnectedness of various elements within the extractive industry, such as resource availability, market demand, technological advancements, and socio-political factors, systems thinking provides a holistic understanding of the system’s behaviour. This aids in identifying leverage points for intervention and avoiding unintended consequences. Additionally, futures thinking encourages a forward-looking perspective, prompting stakeholders to anticipate future trends, risks, and opportunities.
Partner with us to integrate these approaches into your work in the extractive sector. Together, we can develop strategies that not only optimise economic outcomes but also prioritise sustainable resource management, environmental preservation, community well-being, and equitable development, thus paving the way for a more balanced and prosperous future for Africa.
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Social and Economic Justice

Dismantling systemic barriers for social and economic justice

Complexities in the social and economic sectors arise from the intertwined relationships between socio-economic structures, historical inequities, and diverse cultural backgrounds. This complex situation creates a space to tackle inequalities in our society.
The journey towards justice necessitates approaches that go beyond the mere allocation of resources. It calls for the dismantling of systemic barriers ingrained in our systems. The multifaceted nature of social and economic injustices emphasises the importance of comprehensive strategies. These strategies should encompass elements such as education, policy reform, and the empowerment of communities. Importantly, these efforts must be tailored to the specific challenges and aspirations of different groups.
We stand as partners in your journey towards social and economic justice. Beyond determination, we design tailored research, facilitate strategy development and implementation, and provide capacity enhancing initiatives to dismantle systemic barriers. Our approaches are grounded in inclusivity and empathy. These values are essential to creating a world that’s truly fair and equal for all.
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