Your systems change collaborator

We are a network of systems change practitioners from various domains working together to enhance our understanding of complex issues and collaboratively address them through co-creation.

Our Story

Nurturing Change in a Complex World

Picture a world where governments change direction erratically as a compass gone wild, where technology ignites like bursts of fireworks, economies reshape as malleable as play-dough, and business concepts appear and vanish quicker than the blink of an eye.
Yet, within this complexity, a visionary thinker armed with over two decades of experience in civil society in Africa nurtured a grand concept. In his journey, Arsene Ngombe recognised the limitations of interventions targeted at events on the surface, which he describes as symptoms of the real problems. He aspired for new methods to tackle the deeply complex and interconnected problems that we encounter. He brought together a group of like-minded individuals and shared his vision, giving way to the birth of RIAHSAH Co.
RIAHSAH Co. is not just a company, it’s a social impact network built on the belief that collaboration and innovation are key ingredients for systemic change. We envisioned designing projects and strategies that would have long-lasting results. We wanted to support organisations and individuals that were making the world better to plan for the future, even when things seemed unpredictable.
As the world keeps evolving, RIAHSAH Co. remains strong. We understand that in a world where things happen quickly, having a good plan that lasts is like having a secret power to do good things.

A transformed social landscape across Africa, driven by collaborative innovation.

To inspire cross-sector partnerships, innovative solutions, and sustainable change that uplifts communities and fosters inclusive growth.

To enable sustainable prosperity, equitable opportunities, and harmonious coexistence in a complex world.

Our Values

Our culture thrives on collaborative efforts that bring together diverse talents, fostering innovation through the power of collective thinking.

We believe that it is impossible to achieve meaningful collaboration without commitment. Being committed is really important for us to make social change happen. It means providing the steadfast dedication and resilience needed to overcome challenges and create lasting impact.

We view change as an opportunity for growth, maintaining high standards of excellence while embracing innovation and adapting to evolving challenges.

Guided by strong ethical values, we ensure transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our endeavours, fostering an environment of trust and respect.

Our Uniqueness

We are a business with a social development mandate operating as a social impact network company designed to enable systemic change. We leverage the power of the network to foster collaboration and catalyse systems change practice.

Our People

As enablers of systems change, our multidisciplinary team aggregates skills in response to demand. We operate as a network social impact company, tackling complex social challenges through expertise deployment. Meet some of the core team members driving our shared vision:

Arsene Ngombe

Chief Enabler

Linda Kuvheya

Director of Innovation & Impact

Yasmin Medeiros



Badisa Ntlape

Community Collaboration Lead

Chido Rusere

Social Impact Finance Specialist